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Production Materials

Our primary materials are dense hardwoods from South American sources.  We do not use Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) or any other species on the CITES Endangered Species List.

The primary wood we use for doors and windows is Guarea sp., commonly called Requia Mahogany.  It is in the Meliaceae family, and it has very similar physical characteristics to Honduran mahogany, although the grain and color variation is more dramatic.   We also use a species of Cariniana commonly called Yesquero or Cashimbo.

For exterior or structural applications we use a variety of very dense darker colored hardwoods.  These woods have physical properties that make them highly resistant to biological attack, and also extremely strong.  They make excellent post and beam, as well as flooring.

We buy logs from carefully selected sources complying with all regulatory agencies, and only where reforestation is imposed.   Our mahogany species comes from indigenous communities who use portable equipment for a very low environmental impact.  This program is sanctioned by the WWF.  Other production woods are available, and are quoted on request.

We saw all our own stock, and dry it to 8% in our own kilns under strict supervision.

Specialty Materials

For those desiring a truly unique product we have access to specialty woods.  These woods are only offered when available depending on local weather conditions.

Graceful lines are enhanced by the warmth and grain of select woods. There is no stark and cold look, touch, or sound. An environment created in or accented by exotic hardwoods is simply pleasing to be in.

The nature and character of truly exotic woods are different from North American species. These woods possess densities and grain structure that give them an individual character all their own. Grain variation occurs because of growth patterns of specific species, climactic conditions such as rainfall and exposure to sunlight, and the limb structure of the tree.

Color and grain, as well as the amount of heartwood, can vary widely within the same species. Therefore we carefully select stock for a job to achieve consistency in grain and color.

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