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Designed by Laura Pozzobon Mar de Oro doors are made to accommodate the client's requirements.  We produce on an order basis, and will provide any style desired, whether one at a time, or hundreds at a time.  Visit our Photo Gallery and see what is possible.  We also manufacture windows, including fixed and operable louvers with no metal parts.

Our Mosaic doors are our own special style of door.  A solid inner core serves as a designer’s blank canvas over which wood segments of varying sizes, shapes and material may be brought together to form the outer surface.  The door on the right, by Architect Laura Pozzobon, is one example.


Heartwood - Our doors are built from kiln dried, solid heartwood from selected exotic hardwood logs.

Processes - We use lag bolt joinery and Franklin Industries X-016 catalyzed adhesives to ensure that every door will stay together in the most demanding environments. Our doors can be delivered individually or hung in matching jambs with borings, thresholds, and full weather-stripping. Matching trim and base can be produced.

Styling - Many styles and any size can be produced to your design specifications. Most of our doors are one of a kind, or built in limited series. We also produce container load quantities of industry-standard styles.  We offer tempered, beveled, and custom art glass.

Carving - Adding character and style to any unique home interior or exterior, carvings blend perfectly with any type of architecture. Any style or motif is possible.

Finishes - We use Fuhr International Aluminum Oxide Modified  UV-resistant urethane polymers. This finish is formulated for exterior applications as well as flooring.

Delivery - All Mar do Oro products are delivered sea freight as standard.  Air freight available upon request. 

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